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Back at Red Fort, Delhi: 33 years later...with Google Street View Trekker

Delhi, Red Fort

October 12, 1981: first day of sightseeing, introducing the magnificient Red Fort complex.
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Retro-blogging tips: in order to geolocate each photo slide, I have investigated in different ways and used:
- narrations from my diaries ;
- descriptions from my old touristic guides ;
- street and relief maps, satellite views, mainly from Google Maps ;
- similar pictures, already geolocated on Panoramio or Flickr ;
- various websites and blogs describing the same place.

Eventually, shadows on the picture help me to confirm the point of view, and it's orientation on a north-south axis, according to the estimated hour of the shooting.

It's great when I can compare my pictures and their GPS coordinates with those of a famous geographic information system, for example: Google.
Looking at the same direction, but 33 years later.
What kind of picture is proposed ? What has changed ?

In 2014, the Red Fort is one of the few places in India that has already been filmed by the Google Street View Trekker.
(trekker : a human carrying a backpack supporting a 360° camera and catching a bunch of datas. On Google Maps, the trekker point of vue is accessed by clicking the little yellow man icon.)

Check out these before & after pictures: India in 1981, shot on Kodachrome 64 Film. India in 2013, shot by a cyber visitor.

Lahori Gate, Red Fort, Delhi

Throne, Diwan-i Aam, Red Fort, Delhi

Naqqar Khana, Red Fort, Delhi

Diwan-i-Khas & Moti Masjid & Hammans, Khas-Mahal, Red Fort, Delhi

Inside Tasbih-Khana and Rang Mahal, Khas-Mahal, Red Fort, Delhi

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