April 2015 Nepal earthquake: Langtang Valley

The Langtang Valley is located 80 km north of Kathmandu.
It's a very pleasant place for an easy and progressive trek that goes through the beautiful vegetation of the Langtang National Park.

Trekking map in the Langtang Valley, Kathmandu (1982)

The first part of the trek begins at Trisuli Bazar and follows the Trishuli River flowing below: Betrawati, Ramche, Dhunche, until Thulo Syabru.
At Thulo Syabru, the main trail enters the Langtang Valley and runs east along the Langtang Khola River: Ghora Tabela Lodge, Lama Lodge, Ghora Tabela, Langtang Village, Kyanjin Gompa (alt. 3 000 m).

Arrival at Langtang Village with Tsergo Ri in background (alt. 5 000m), Nepal (1982)

Kyanjin Gompa is surrounded by the Langtang Lirung (alt. 7 200m), the Langtang II (alt. 6 581 m), the Tsergo Ri (alt. 5 000m) and from there, the Kyimoshung glacier is just a few hours' walk ahead.

Above Kyanjin Gompa: Langtang Valley, Nepal (1982)

Above Kyanjin Gompa: Kyimoshung glacier, Langtang Valley, Nepal (1982)

Another option at Thulo Syabru is to follow the trail in the south-east direction and reach the magnificent Gosainkunda lake, which waters are considered holy by Shiva worshippers.

The 2015 earthquake has caused major damages in the Langtang valley: several hundred people were killed, 90% of the district's houses were damaged and the roadways were partially blocked making access difficult for the rescue operations.
> alpinist.com: The Quake's Impact on the Langtang Valley
> satellite view by nasa.gov

Before/After Nepal earthquake: the Langtang Village (satellite view)
On this view, one can notice that a huge amount of debris has sliced from the north towards the Langtang Khola River and thus totally erased the Langtang Village.

Souvenirs: some pictures from my trek in the Langtang Valley

Between Manigaon and Ramche, Langtang trek, Nepal (1982)

Ramche, Langtang trek, Nepal (1982)

Thulo Syabru, Langtang trek, Nepal (1982)
Thulo Syabru, Langtang trek, Nepal, 1982

Arrival at Ghora Tabela with Langtang II in background, Nepal (1982)

Near Kyanjin Gompa: Langtang II (6 581 m), Nepal (1982)
From Kyanjin Gompa: Tsergo Ri (5 000m) and Yala Peak (5520m), Langtang trek, Nepal (1982)

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