Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A blog concerning "retro-blogging"...

This blog aims to share insights and opinions about "retro-blogging".What is "retro-blogging" ?
One definition could be : using current paradigms and technologies (blogs, photo tagging, augmented reality,...) to relate past events or stories and publish them on the Internet.

I'll relate the tasks I met to put on line a 7 months trip that occurred in India and Nepal a few decades ago :
- using material sources : diary or travelogue, maps, Kodachrome slides, documents,...
- digitalization, corrections, documentation and tagging
- publishing : tools and web sites, results
- interaction with Internet users

Project genesis

Mid-2013...My last job has ended. I'm free to spend a few months on my favorite research subject : how to tell an interactive story and to propose an interesting navigation and interface to the user ?
I'm also curious about using social media to "feed the Web" and to observe its impacts : indexation by robots and user feedbacks.

Which content ?

I have a content at my disposal that I may use and manage : 3 diaries, 440 photo slides, 50 sketches, brought back from my initiatory journey in India.

After much hesitation, I decided to use this matter to propose an interactive content, structured by themes, dates and GPS geolocation.
It is also expected that this content will interact with related subjects or views already available on the Internet.

Last but not least, Mother India is an astonishing country and a trip over there can never be forgotten...

Starting point

"Swim in India" relates a journey into India and Nepal, back in a time with no mobile phone, digital camera, Internet cafes or GPS guidance.
The date of launching is the 10th of October, anniversary of my departure many years before. So I am compelled to publish a new entry on a daily basis.

First steps

On-line publishing will occur on various websites :

- 1 blog in french :
- 3 photo-sharing websites : Flickr photos, Flickr sketches and Panoramio  
- 2 Twitter accounts : english and french 
- 1 Facebook account
- and a few more french websites and forums based on sharing travel experience.


In order to exploit the chronological functions of blog publishing, a new entry will be added every day, respecting the real-time condition of the journey...with just a few decades delay.

To be followed...

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